Sullivan Heavy Duty aluminum fitting installed with 5/32" brass tubing.
Sullivan Heavy Duty aluminum fitting installed with a HDPE barbed fitting giving you the option of a third vent/fill line.
Tank with center baffle.  Reduces fuel sloshing and adds strength to the tank.

This is how you fill that extra space under your cowl.  A great option when you need just a little more fuel to finish a race.

Small nitro tank with three fittings.  Fuel pick-up, Pressure and Fill.
Fuel fitting up high with brass tubing pressed through and feeding from the lower left corner.  A great option for outriggers that need clearance for the boom tubes.

Internal hopper tank.  This is a great feature for pressurized fuel set ups.  The hopper tank is fed by the main tank and stays full even when the fuel level in the main tank gets low.  This is an easy way to help minimize air in the system.

HDPE fittings with brass tubing pick-up and baffled hopper tank.
Mono v-hull tank with a baffled sump.

Gas Carb Shield/Plate

Carb Cover- Gloss or Matte Finish

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